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Burgundy from Châtillon en Bazois

From Châtillon en Bazois , you can discover the Canal du Nivernais , waterway must for river tourism in Burgundy. Châtillon en Bazois , water sports which can start your cruise one-way or round trip . You can then navigate the Canal du Nivernais in the heart of Burgundy.
Great tourist asset Châtillon en Bazois , steeped in history and tradition , the Canal du Nivernais tells the story of wood Morvan to the capital. Bazois Châtillon in the heart of the surrounding region , is an ideal place to learn about the environment and discover the practice of fishing . In this pleasant, everyone can find an occupation to his taste : sports, various walks, discovery of local crafts along the Canal du Nivernais wealth of river tourism in Burgundy and back into the glorious past of the region, Vercingetorix at the time still resisted Caesar or the thirteenth century, in the company of the great Dukes of Burgundy.

TO SEE: Ponds Baye, the museum of Brienne Old (Vintage farm machinery, old forges, farrier, etc..).
A taste: The Nivernais Morvan pavers honey (honey sweet shortbread Morvan).
TO KNOW: Listed work in the eighteenth century, the canal was long to float (train construction wood logs lost and transport of these "rafts" Morvan to Paris).
FAVOURITE: the city of Nevers.

Navigation on the Canal du Nivernais:
The gates of the Morvan National Park, the Canal du Nivernais serves as a link between the basin of the Loire and the Seine.
Walking through a natural environment and a high quality, this channel is probably the most beautiful canal of France. It offers a peaceful environment conducive to navigation stroll to the center of Burgundy.

Suggested itineraries from Châtillon en Bazois
Weekend in Burgundy:
Châtillon en Bazois, Baye, Châtillon en Bazois: 32 km - 16 locks - 9:00
Mini week in Burgundy:
Châtillon en Bazois, Corbigny, Châtillon en Bazois: 54 km - 76 locks - 21 hours
Châtillon en Bazois Decize, Châtillon en Bazois: 106 km - 44 locks - 21 hours
One week in Burgundy:
Châtillon en Bazois, Nevers, Châtillon en Bazois: 176 km - 60 locks - 35 hours
Châtillon en Bazois, Clamecy, Châtillon en Bazois: 126 km - 116 locks - 36 hours
One way trip Châtillon en Bazois Digoin: 117 km - 38 locks - 27 hours
One way trip Châtillon en Bazois, Coulanges sur Yonne 72 km - 62 locks - 26 hours
Three weeks in Burgundy:
Châtillon en Bazois, Auxerre, Châtillon en Bazois: 246 km - 178 locks - 80 hours
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